Saturday, May 23, 2009

A taste of Tuscany

Every once in a while I like to take a cooking class at Whole Foods. The culinary center in San Mateo has many classes that change every two months. Last Wednesday I took a class called Small dishes of coastal Tuscany. I chose this class because the menu looked simple, different and delicious and let's face it, you can never have enough italian recipes. After chef Lesa explained all the recipes we all picked a recipe and we got cooking. I didn't bring my camera with me that day but Cecilia from Gourmet Senses took very nice pictures and you can also find all the recipes in her blog. If you go to her blog, you can see me in a blue sweater adding salt to the pasta.

Here is the menu:
Focaccia al Formaggio - Cheese Focaccia filled with artesian cheeses
Scampi con Salsa al Prezzemolo- Prawns with Garlic Parsley Sauce ( we also added some littleneck clams)
Trofie con Salsa di Fungi-Spiral Pasta with Wild Mushroom sauce
Zuppa di Cozze- Mussle Chowder ( Don't think creamy, thick east coast chowder) It's a very light tomato base soup.
Crema con Banane al Rum- Vanilla Cream with bananas in Rum.

All the dishes were great except for dessert. Don't get me wrong the dish was good but I'm not a great fan of cooked bananas (except in banana bread). I guess you could substitute the bananas for peaches, apples or mangoes.

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